Top Health Benefits of Sabudana Atta

Top Health Benefits of Sabudana Atta

Sabo is popularly known as Sabudana. It is a type of starch obtained from various tropical palm stems. This white pearl is exclusively made from the milk of tapioca roots.

Sabudana occupies a privileged place in Indian kitchens because they are rich in starch, thus, providing high energy and containing a small amount of protein, minerals, vitamins, calcium, iron and fibre. Sabudana is available in two forms- the tiny shiny globules or the sabudana atta.

How Sabudana Atta is beneficial for health?

The sabudana atta has numerous health benefits.

It contains high energy –

It can be used in the kitchen readily because it has high calories and high carbs, which is a good energy source. It provides instant energy that lasts for a long.

It is gluten-free –

It doesn’t contain any gluten just like rajgiri ka atta. Gluten is a type of protein that is found in food grains which is responsible for bloating, stomach pain, diarrhoea, etc. So, one can consume them without thinking twice.

It improves digestion –

It is known to have a huge amount of dietary fibre. These dietary fibres are very crucial in maintaining the good health of the digestive system. Including the sabudana atta in one’s diet help them resolve problems of constipation and bloating. It is made up of unresistant starch that easily passes through the digestive tract without even getting digested. After reaching Colon it promotes the growth of some healthy gut bacteria which in turn help in bulking up the stool.

It is good for bones –

It is known to contain calcium in good amounts. Calcium is necessary for the good health of the bones. Stronger and dense bones require calcium, and it provides them with the same.

It ensures weight gain –

Since sabudana contains lots of calories and carbohydrates it provides more energy. The regular consumption of sabudana flour promotes weight gain, unlike rajgiri ka atta which promotes weight loss. Sabudana flour helps in the accumulation of essential fat in the body. It ensures uniform lipid distribution and protects the vital organs. Those who want to gain weight are advised to include sabudana flour in their diet.

It lowers blood pressure –

It contains potassium in it. Potassium is known for reducing blood pressure. Hence, regular consumption of sabudana can help in lowering blood pressure. Apart from taking regular BP pills, sabudana is the best thing diet to include in the diet. It promotes the flow of blood, ensures that there is no stress on the heart, and reduces the chances of a heart attack. Sabudana flour works like wonder for the heart just like rajgiri ka atta.

It promotes the growth of the baby –

It contains a high amount of vitamin B6 and folate in it. Hence, it is advised to be taken up during pregnancy for the proper growth of the foetus. It ensures the proper development of the neural tube in the unborn baby.


Apart from these above-mentioned health benefits, Sabudana is one of eco friendly products. Hence you should definitely consider including sabudana flour in your diet.