Apps to Practice Card Counting

Apps to Practice Card Counting

Blackjack is a unique casino game in that it features the lowest default house edge out of all the gaming classics at 2%, which can get further lowered to 0.5% when gamblers choose to implement a strategy chart. However, twenty-one fun is also distinct because if players learn how to count cards, they can flip the long-haul advantage in their favor and gain the upper hand over their operator.

Despite popular belief, keeping a mental tally of all the cards dealt at blackjack to figure out which one will come up next is legal. It is something that casinos frown upon, and if they notice someone doing it, they will ask that person to leave their establishment, as they have the right to refuse service. But it is technically not cheating.

It is also crucial to point out that card counters are not high-IQ people. To start learning this gambling technique. One does not need to possess unusual mental abilities. All players must do is assign a score to each card dealt that estimates its value and keep a running count of these. Also, card counting is not limited to savants only, as depicted in the 1988 film Rain Man. Everyone can do it. It has nothing to do with memorizing how many queens or jacks get dealt out of the shoe. Keeping track of cards is facilitated via simple pre-conceived, tried-and-tested systems that monitor the ratio of low to high cards played in a game. And thanks to the miracles of modern technology, everyone can now practice card counting from home at any time. Here are the best smartphone applications that allow this.

Blackjack All-In-One Trainer

Developed by AdvPlyr, the maker of the Blackjack Switch Pro app, Blackjack All-In-One Trainer advertises itself as the most advanced trainer for basic blackjack strategy and card counting on Google Play. It offers three models, Play, Train, and Simulate, and attempts to instill established twenty-one principles through statistics and elementary guides. According to its user pool, it is terrific software for grasping the hi-lo system, and its different drills are detailed enough to deliver quick knowledge retention. For $3.99, users can upgrade to the pro version and get the full benefits of this software.

Blackjack & Card Counting Pro

Here is the official app of the Blackjack Apprenticeship program, found on the Apple Store for $4.99. For those unfamiliar with Blackjack Apprenticeship, it is the most in-depth and famous card-counting guide on the internet, featured in media outlets such as CNN and Forbes. Created by professional blackjack gamblers, this software supplies step-by-step instructions on how to get the advantage over every operator offering twenty-one entertainment via the infamous hi-lo approach. It also teaches players strategy deviations, hand signals, and how they can customize their game.

BlackJack Trainer Pro

BlackJack Trainer Pro is an underrated app that few gambling fanatics know. That should be no surprise since, even though it hit the Google Play platform in August 2012, this HornetApps title has only managed to amass ten thousand downloads. Still, its lack of popularity does not translate to low quality. On the contrary, BlackJack Trainer Pro can teach anyone how to play any hand with the highest possible probability of winning. Per its product description. Due to its high success rate, it has gotten banned in casinos across Europe and the US. This is a bit of false advertising, as no gaming venue allows patrons to play using any electronic device in hand at their tables. So, no app is permitted as aid when gamblers face off against casino dealers.

Blackjack 101 Play Perfect

The brainchild of programmer and gambler David Richmond, Blackjack 101 – Play Perfect is a free strategy card trainer that supplies in-app purchases. It has an average rating of 4.8 from thirty-five hundred votes on the Apple Store and is one of the least visually impressive pieces of software on this list. Please note that this is not a game app. It is practice software that aims to teach users rudimentary blackjack strategy. It assumes that everyone using it is already familiar with the game’s rules and has four training modes. Blackjack 101 lets users choose their skill level. If they pick high, they will get presented with harder-to-memorize hands.

Card Counter Lite

Card Counter Lite by TMSFOT claims it will teach everyone who downloads it everything they need to know about card counting techniques. It has progress tracking, high-quality voiceover, and multiple game modes. Some users criticize the app for moving too fast, as the jump from the easy level to the medium one happens swiftly, with most people struggling with the ascension, as they need to get adequately equipped to handle it. Card Counter Lite supports multiple counting systems, including Zen Count, Omega II, Silver Fox, Hi-Opt I & II, and more. So, it is pretty robust.