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Movie4me:- Entertainment industry and this field has changed immensely in the past few decades. There are many good developments in the industry that has brought the good experience to the viewers. If we are talking about the entertainment industry then the movies are an ultimate source of entertainment. These movies are very closely connected to the public so as the movie stars.

People like to watch movies to release their stress and to cut their boredom. There must be hardly anybody who doesn’t like the movies and doesn’t watch them. Most people like to watch movies and watch them according to their interests. Some lie to watch the latest thriller and action movies whereas some watch the age-old drama and romantic movies.

Some time ago the people had to go to the theaters and cinema halls to watch the movies. They have a stand in long ques to get the tickets and then they were allowed to enter the hall. That used to be frustrating sometimes because even after standing in the ques for so long many people couldn’t manage to get the tickets. But as technology has advanced then people have also started getting advantages.

Now people can watch their favorite movies and TV shows by sitting at their place. Thye doesn’t have e to move out and struggle for tickets. People can watch that same content on their mobile devices without doing any struggle.

Since this technology is benefiting the viewers so the movie makers are also focusing on it. They are making such content that can be released on such platforms. As a result of this, we can see that many movies are released on such OTT ( Over-the-top ) platforms. Most of these platforms are good and legal, but in this article, we are going to talk about a website named movie4me.

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Movie4me Bollywood Movies Online

When a movie is released in the theaters then people rush to watch it, They also want to know everything about the movie like its reviews and the plot of the movie. The internet just booms with these kinds of searches at that time and they want the best knowledge on it.

If people like the reviews then they surely go to watch the movie. But at that time the internet also filled with some other types of search queries as well. And these queries are from the people who want to download the movies online. Yes, these people are the one who doesn’t want to pay for the movie tickets and they want to download the movies for free. For such people, the movie4me website comes in the play and provides the content to them.

Movie4me is a website that offers people to download the latest Bollywood and other movies for free. Whenever there is any new movie released then there are a significant no. of people who want to download the movie for free. Such people are present all over the world and they are millions in no. People from all around the world use websites like movie4me to download the movies. Apart from Bollywood movies movie4me website also provide people with other movies as well as Hollywood movies and Telugu movies. Movie4me website is used by millions of people around the world as well.

But do these people know a fact about the movie4me website that it is illegal? Yes friends you read it right movie4me is not a legal website. When I was doing research about the movie4me website then I was really surprised how the movie4me website provides movies for free? Then I came to know that movie4me is a movie piracy website. It means that movie4me leaks movies from their sources and then they upload them on the internet.

Movie4me in Popularity on the Web

Movie4me is really a very popular website in terms of an online presence. As I discussed with you how people from all around the world use this movie4me to download their favorite movies. Now you must be thinking that how I got to know about these facts figures related to movie4me? So to get all this information I used many analytics and online performance tools.

When I put movie4me into those tools then the figures which I get to know were absolutely an eyeopener for me. People from different countries visit movie4me every month and download the movies that they want from movie4me.

Now many people always remain confused that what is the reason for the popularity of movie4me. When they see that websites like movie4me getting millions of traffic by doing some shady things then people often ask this question. Actually there are many reasons and factors that play a big role on movie4me. So under this heading, we will talk about those factors only and I will share with some other facts as well.

All the things that I am going to discuss with you are general tactics that are implemented by all movie piracy websites including movie4me to gain traffic. So keep that in mind as well. All these websites use the same tactics and most of them are clearly visible on websites like movie4me.

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Movie4me com Audience

We all know that the movie4me website has a worldwide audience base. But the way movie4me and other websites of its industry target the audience is a little different and at the same time very obvious as well. Now to make you understand the whole situation I will give you some examples. Suppose that you want to buy a T-shirt you go to the market. There you enter into a store that has branded T-shirts which they are selling for $200. The quality of those T-shirts is pretty good with a decent and good looking design. You liked the T-shirts but then you decide to try out other stores as well.

Then you enter another store which is selling the same looking T-shirt for $50. The T-shirt looks the same as that of the branded one with the same design. But the quality of this T-shirt is not as good as the branded ones. It is much inferior in quality or I should say as it is a copy of the original branded one. Now even if we know that the T-shirt is a copied item and it can never match the quality of the original product still there will be some people who will buy it.

So this is the same human mentality which targeted by websites like movie4me. People around the world visit websites like movie4me just to download movies from there. They are always searching for the movie4me and other similar websites to download movies. The mentality of the people is to download the movies for free. Therefore websites like movie4me can easily target such people. Hindi or Bollywood Movies

Bollywood movies are also known as Hindi cinema because they produce mostly movies in Hindi only. Bollywood movies industry is one of the most iconic movie industries in the world. There have been Bollywood stars who became an idol and iconic for their generation’s people.

This industry is a few of those initial movie industries that were started here in India. From the very start of the movies, you can see people’s attraction towards them. In the old days, people used to stand in long lines to get the movie passes, and sometimes they were unable due to the rush.

Whenever new Bollywood movie releases then people are crazy about it. Many people also want to download those movies from websites like movie4me. Movie4me and other similar websites are always high on traffic due to this.

These type of people are the one who uses the movie piracy websites like movie4me to fulfill the need of watching movies for free. Because there is hardly any platform that provides the latest movies and is legal too, so people always choose illegal websites like movie4me to download the movies. Therefore Bollywood movies are mostly targeted by websites like movie4me and they leak these movies. Bollywood movies are the biggest target of websites like movie4me because of their audience.

Hollywood Movies on hollywood Website

Hollywood movies industry is also known as the leading movie industry is the world. Leading in terms of investment, leading in terms of new concepts and moviemaking skills. Although the Hollywood movie industry is mainly based in the U.S. these movies are viewed by people from all over the world. Hollywood industry is the top industry that collects the top revenue on the box office around the globe. The top 5 movie franchises that collect the maximum revenue are all produced in Hollywood. So this way you can see how Hollywood influences the viewers worldwide and collect the revenue from there.

Hollywood movies are mainly made in English languages which most people understand. But these movies are also budded in various other languages as well so they can reach the maximum audience. People who watch Hollywood movies many buy the tickets and then go to watch the movies. But still, there are significant no. of people who search online to download Hollywood movies for free. Such people, many times find websites like movie4me ranking there and they visit these websites.

Movie4me website many times leak Hollywood movies and put them on their websites so that people can download them. Although the authorities also keep and strict checks on such websites like movie4me and block them. But still, these websites and other websites like movie4me somehow manage to operate. Hollywood movie makers are also very strict on websites like movie4me.

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Movie4me com Telugu Movies Online

Telugu movie industry is a very popular movie industry in India. These movies are widely viewed in the southern parts of India and their dubbed versions are viewed all over the world. Telugu is an Indian language which is among one of the most spoken languages in the country. This language is mainly spoken in the Andhra Pradesh and the Telangana States of India.

This industry has produced many good movies and they have also started targeting the audience from various languages. They now dubb their movies in different languages and then release them worldwide. Therefore these days the popularity of Telugu movies are also having a huge audience base in other countries as well.

Therefore the Telugu movies are also highly targeted by websites like movie4me and others. We have seen in the past that how many movies were leaked even before they cloud release into theaters. This type of leak of movies on movie4me causes loss in revenue of a movie and producers to have to bear a lot of loss. Apart from the financial loss the artists who work in the movie also don’t get the proper recognition from the people.

Be it a lead actor or the supporting actors they always expect appreciation for their hard work which they do in a movie. People who visit websites like movie4me can never respect the hard work of the artist. When people download movies from websites like movie4me then it is hard to know whether the audience liked the movie or not.


Movie4me in

Movie4me in is a very important and widely searched term in relation to movie4me. When I was doing some research related to movie4me then I came to know about this movie4me in the keyword. This keyword was suggested many times by various different tools to me and I used several tools but each tool was showing me this.

Then I decided to crack more into the keywords of movie4me and came to know about this keyword. Movie4me in is the most searched keyword out of all those keywords because another keyword is searched more than this.

According to me, this might have been one of the domains of movie4me. Since we all know that movie4me is not a legal website and the government has blocked several domains of it. Movie4me in also seems to be a blocked domain of movie4me because when I searched then I couldn’t find any such domain in Google’s index.

This seems to me as if movie4me is working for a long time with different domain names. as we can see it. When these websites like movie4me relaunch themselves with a new domain then they try to look like if they are the same old website that was banned.

Actually, the admins of the movie4me website just want to attract the people that they generated with the help of their old domain names. But at the same time, the authorities have also started keeping a close eye on websites like mp4movie. Whenever they find any such website they just block it right away to stop their activities. Below I am listing some of the recent domains of the movie4me website that were blocked by the government. I found these domains in search queries related to this website on tools.

  • Movie4me ini
  • Movie4me cokm
  • Movie4me ccs
  • Movie4me wins
  • Movie4me fune
  • Movie4me wikia
  • Movie4me wsdd
  • Movie4me linke
  • Movie4me pwd
  • Movie4me JKw
  • Movie4me Kx
  • Movie4me hux
  • Movie4me os
  • Movie4me no
  • Movie4me nv
  • Movie4me sk
  • Movie4me is
  • Movie4me ts
  • Movie4me xd
  • Movie4me iuy

Another list of domains and extensions used by Movie4me

This list is of those domains and extensions which was used by Movie4me, but now they are in no use:-

  • Movie4me huj
  • Movie4me het
  • Movie4me sgt
  • Movie4me bg
  • Movie4me iso
  • Movie4me sre
  • Movie4me tsy
  • Movie4me syu
  • Movie4me aew
  • Movie4me wty
  • Movie4me ste
  • Movie4me bhu
  • Movie4me vg
  • Movie4me kin
  • Movie4me bgp

Movie4me Technical Information

To better understand a website you must understand the technical aspects of the website. There are many aspects of technical aspects on a website that you must know. Some people think that if movie4me is illegal then they might not be making money out of it. So actually it is not true that movie4me is not making.

They are making money in such ways that you should know because these ways might be scammy and hurt your wallet. Therefore you have to be always very alert from the movie4me website and other similar types of tactics online. So today under this heading we are going to discuss the ways that movie4me website uses to make money from the traffic that they have.

Ad Network on Movie4me

For a website ad network is a very important thing if they want to make money. Most all the website that wants to make money with their content and traffic on their website use different ad networks. These ad networks serve the ads on the website and pay some commission to the publishers on the basis of clicks on the ad.

The most popular ad network all around the world is Adsense and the majority of websites use it. There are millions of websites on the web that are currently active on this platform and delivering AdSense’s ads to its users. Adsense is one of the trusted platforms because it is a product of Google and pays the highest to its publishers. But at the same time AdSense’s policies are very strict.

According to the policies of AdSense, they will monetize a website only if the content on the website is not original. It means the owner of the website should not put the copyrighted content on it. But since we know that the content on websites like movie4me is not the original copyrighted content of movie4me, so AdSense will never monetize them. Adsense never allows a piracy website like movie4me to use its platform and make money out of it.

So rather than using AdSense, websites like movie4me use other ad networks that don’t care about the content of a website. Such ad networks only care about the traffic on a website and they easily permit websites like movie4me. Because movie4me and other similar websites have huge traffic on them and such ad networks only want traffic. These ad networks mainly provide the popup and pop-under ads that are very irritating as a user and user bounce off from the website.

This is not good for a legit website and therefore a legit website never uses it. Also, the quality of ads is also very low on these ad networks therefore most of the legit websites never use them as they don’t want to scam their users. But movie4me and other similar websites can’t get a better ad service than this so they use these ad networks.

Movie4me Redirecting the Traffic

Traffic redirection is also one of the major ways to monetize the traffic from the movie4me website. Movie4me and these types of piracy websites widely use this method to make money. Although no legit service or product wants to associate their name with a website like movie4me still they manage to find some. So movie4me types websites charge people with some money to send the traffic to some other website. People who approach websites like movie4me pay them money on the basis of traffic they send to their website.

Many legit websites also redirect the traffic but that redirection is different. They always keep in mind the user experience and never dissatisfy their users. But generally, websites like movie4me don’t care about the user experience and therefore there is a possibility that the user will bounce away from the website.

But when you check the bounce rate of any piracy website like movie4me with a good tool then you will find their bounce rate is very low. This is because the user who is visiting this type of website just wants to download the content at any cost. Therefore even when they are redirected to some other website they still visit these movie4me and other similar websites to download the movie.

But do you know that the ads and links on these types of websites can hurt as well? Actually the services and products that are promoted through these ad networks and redirection services can be a scam. Yes, friends always be aware of the product and services that are sold online. Never buy or trust any service or product on a non-trustworthy website. People should always avoid clicking on unknown links and buttons to avoid any possible security breach. Therefore the government has also warned people against websites like movie4me.

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Is this Movie4me Website Legal?

Many times people using movie4me and these types of downloading websites have a question in mind that if these websites are legal or not. So let me say it clearly, although I told you previously that this mp4movie website is totally an illegal website but I will confirm it here as well. Websites like mp4movie are considered as movie piracy websites by the government of India.

They have also blocked the several domains of the movie4me website movie4me cc, movie4me com, movie4me in, movie4me trade, movie4me fun, movie4me win are few of them. The government and authorities have also asked people several times not to use movie4me. People should always choose the legal and right option.

Actually the thing is that websites like mp4movie distribute the copyrighted content. And to distribute any copyrighted content like this the distributor should have the proper legal permission from the copyright owner. Here is this case the copyright owner is the moviemaker like producers and other people who have the rights of the movie. So to distribute their content people should take the legal permissions from them to do so. And if anybody like the mp4movie website distributes their content without their permission then it is considered as piracy of the movie.

Therefore everybody in the movie industry first takes permission from the movie makers and then only they do the distribution. Many times the distribution rights of the movie are sold so people can approach the producers directly. If you can work out something with them then they will give you the rights. After all, it is business so everybody is there to make money, and movies are also used as assets many times.

Therefore every producers and dealer have their own terms and conditions to deal at the time of the deal. They invest a lot of money in making a movie, there are lots of other resources needed at the time making a movie. So they also expect good returns from their investments. But when the movies get a leak on websites like mp4movie then they have to suffer big losses.

And if their income is affected from the movie leaks then everybody’s income gets affected. From the top artists to the people working on the lowest level in the movie, all of them are affected.

Privacy Concerns

Privacy concerns are one of the major reasons why governments ask people to not use movie4me and other websites like this. You can notice many movie stars asking people not to use websites like movie4me due to privacy risk. Actually, it is true that people must understand that in this age of technology personal data is very important.

It is very crucial that you must protect your personal and private data from any possible threat. It is very clear from some recent incidents that how this risky it can get if your personal data gets into the wrong hands. So under this heading, I will talk about some privacy threats people may have if they use websites like mp4movie.

There are many articles and studies available that online you can read them. In those articles, it is clearly stated how attackers can attack your system if you install any file from an unknown source. All the files like video, image, or even a .txt file which is installed from unknown sources like mp4movie can put your system under serious threat. So you have to extra careful while using the internet and downloading anything from online sources. Therefore I will also recommend you to download files from verified sources only and try to avoid websites like mp4movie.

Legal Options to Movie4me Website

Now if we say that movie4me is an illegal website then there must be some legal alternatives to it. Because everybody loves movies and they want therefore they want to download them and enjoy them. So yes guys there are some websites and services that provide the movies. Apart from movies, there are various original shows available on these platforms and people can enjoy these as well. Out of these platforms, most of them are streaming movie streaming platforms but many provide the download option as well.

Now many people will say that these services are only paid. So yes most of these services are paid but they charge you a very fair amount of money. I mean just imagine that when you for these services then you get access to all of their content. And apart from that unlike movie4me and other similar websites these platforms are very safe. Many people use these platforms to watch their content with some unique content.

MX Player

MX player is one of the best services if you are looking for an alternative to movie4me. Because if you are in India then you can use this platform for free without paying anything to them. There are lots of latest movies and original shows available on this platform to watch for free. And if it is free that doesn’t mean that is bad. It is an actually very good platform and has over 250 million users all over the world.

In 2019 when it was launched it gained very much popularity and many people started downloading the app. It can be used as an alternative to the movie4me website because first of all it is free and secondly there is no limit.

You can watch as many movies and shows that you want on this app. It is also a very safe platform to use as compared to movie piracy websites like movie4me. And the most important thing is that this app is absolutely legal and safe. It operates on ad based-revenue system therefore it doesn’t charge you anything for the content.


People also use Netflix as an alternative to the movie4me website. Because this platform is very popular around the world and many people use it regularly. Netflix is an international platform that allows you to stream unlimited movies and original shows on its platform.

There are various amazing shows and web series available on the platform that people can watch and enjoy. There are many latest movies that are also available on this OTT platform. These movies are from Bollywood, Hollywood, and many other movie industries. Although Netflix is a subscription-based platform, but you can also enjoy the platform free for one month.

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