Why is sports betting profitable?

Why is sports betting profitable?

Betting is one of the most popular areas of gambling in alexinwonderland.in. Every year, more and more people dream of becoming a member of a reliable bookmaker. These can be people who have been cheering for a specific team for a long time, or simply people who want to receive additional funds with the help of such offers.

Quite often, there is one question in people’s minds: do bookmakers really allow and help to get additional funds from betting on sports. Today we will analyze this issue in quite some detail and talk about betting on sports for real money.

What is Real Money Sports Betting?

Money bets on sports are the kind of bets that a person makes with a gambling and entertainment site. These can be competitions with:

  • football;
  • basketball;
  • hockey;
  • tennis;
  • volleyball;
  • American football;
  • golf and many others.

In fact, the range of offers on each portal is approximately the same. However, some BC can expand their offers through little-known sports, virtual sports or e-sports.

Bookmakers offer customers a wide variety of betting options. These can be some general options with small return coefficients, but with the same low risks. This type can include ordinary bets, bets on the winner and the like. There are other offers where bettors can already make more professional predictions and receive higher rewards:

  • allowance;
  • combined rates;
  • for a specific number of heads;
  • to a specific account and others

Here it is difficult to disagree with the fact that simply guessing such options is quite important, or rather almost impossible, so the return for them will be much higher.

Of course, today bookmakers offer their clients a fairly large range of betting options on sports – these can be specific coupons with one sports meeting, or vice versa – several options. The size of the coefficient directly depends on the variability of the bets and the importance of the match.

Betting on sports is a long-term investment

Professional gamblers always view sports betting as a long-term investment, similar to investing in real estate or securities, and in no way a get-rich-quick way. For a bettor, the long distance is always important, or rather the profit in the long distance (one thousand, two, three thousand bets), and not the profit of a single bet or the profit for a week or a month.

Let’s calculate how much we can earn per game season (year). Let’s say we have a starting bank of 10000 rupees. By the way, for such a deposit you need a reliable bookmaker. We will bet 20 rupees on each bet. The minimum coefficient of our bet should be 1.85. 

The total number of bets is 2000. In the long run, according to the theory of probability, we will have a pass percentage of 50%. That is, for 2000 bets, we should get 1000 bets that will pass and 1000 bets that will turn out to be losers.

In order to be in the plus, we need to guess 55% of the results. That is, for 2,000 bets made, 1,100 should win. In the case of a 55 percent pass, for every 100 bets, we should guess 55. Agree that this is not difficult at all, provided that we do not bet randomly, but conduct at least a superficial analysis of the event.

Let’s return to the calculations and determine our income under the following conditions:

How much will we earn:

  • 20 * 1.85 = 37
  • 37 – 20 = 17
  • 17 * 1100= 18700 rupees

How much will we lose:

  • 20 * 900 = 18000 rupees.
  • Net income equals 700 rupees per season.

Agree, quite a good annual percentage, more, it is difficult to remember where else you can get such a percentage. It is important to note that as your pass percentage or odds increase, your income will also increase. Therefore, as you can see, betting on sports is a very profitable activity. However, as with any income, it should be treated seriously and responsibly.