What Are The Benefits of Applying for a Chartered Accountant Loan

What Are The Benefits of Applying for a Chartered Accountant Loan

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It’s been around over a decade now that I’ve been working as a Chartered Accountant at a reputed firm in Gurugram, Haryana. Recently, I realised that now is the time for me to start something of my own where I can use my experience and skills to grow further in life. 

However, we all know that entrepreneurship is not an easy task and ultimately, it requires a lot of funds. Even though I managed to save quite a good amount of money, still I was not ready to go all in at once. This is where a CA loan steps in. Being a CA, availing this type of loan for my own practice was a pretty good idea as it comes with tons of perks. 

What is a Chartered Accountant loan?

This type of loan is a great assistance as it helps you expand or even work towards improving your overall life. A CA loan basically give access to the funds without having to meet the extensive eligibility criteria or fill out loads of paperwork. Moreover, they are much easier and faster than regular loans, and some providers even offer them within a period of just 24 hours which is actually less than a day.  

Further, once you get this loan, there are convenient facilities such as flexible repayment, doorstep service, and easy part-prepayment options.

What are the benefits of a Chartered Accontant Loan?

(Pro tip: Before opting for this type of loan, it is very important to first check chartered accountant loan eligibility.) 

  • Immediate availability of funds

When you go for this loan, it provides the required amount quickly, unlike the regular type of loan, where the waiting period is generally long.

  • Access to collateral-free funds

The financial institutions have designed loans considering the needs of practicing chartered accountants. Now, major institutions provide CAs with a loan without requiring any kind of collateral. Further, a guarantor is not essential either.  

  • Online fund management

In the current era where digitalization has taken over, there’s no point in running around for loan statements or any other kind of detail related to CA loan. Having information handy in real-time is essential. So, choose a lender that allows you to access these details effortlessly. 

  • Flexibility

Some financial institutians offer a Flexi loan to make your finances manageable. Here, you can make multiple withdrawals and deposits against the credit limit. Also, keep in mind that the interest here is charged only on the used amount. 

So, when it comes to managing funds online, In my personal experience, I’ve opted for a loan for ca via the Bajaj Finserv app. I efficiently manage my funds with just a few taps on my smartphone on their application.

How to get a loan for ca?

With applications such as Bajaj Finserv Application, which I’ve been using for quite a long time now, things have become much easier. I’m not promoting any brand here but just sharing my personal experience. So here is a step-by-step guide on how you can avail it after checking the chartered accountant loan eligibility –  

> Download the Bajaj Finserv app on your smartphone from the App Store or Play Store. 

> Sign up 

> On the home page, you’ll see the ‘Loans’ section just below the search bar.

> Tap on it and go to ‘Loan for Chartered Accountants

> Enter the required information.

> You are good to go!