Reasons Why Xfinity TV is Your Ultimate TV Option

Reasons Why Xfinity TV is Your Ultimate TV Option

Xfinity is a widely available internet service provider that offers internet, TV, home security, and phone services in over 36 states in the US. The TV services are suitable for a variety of consumer preferences from modest watchers to TV buffs, to sports lovers. Depending on your requirement and budget there are multiple TV options Xfinity provides which you can choose from. 

Save on Internet Plus TV Packages

One thing that ensures you maximum convenience and savings is to bundle your Xfinity TV package with Xfinity internet. This way you get maximum entertainment as well as internet bandwidth. Along with savings, you are able to save time and energy. Besides, you get maximum service in terms of premium features and your own internet and TV ecosystem because then you also won’t have to worry about good internet for streaming the on-demand content and streaming services you get. 

Xfinity Flex Streaming Box Free with Internet

Xfinity Flex is a TV box that you get along with 4K HDR and 1080p content to watch for free. It comes with your internet package and is a great deal if you are not a picky streamer and are not very specific about the content you watch. This way you get a streaming box that works well with your TV and you also get to save big money because there are no extra charges for the streaming box. 

TV Packages for Different Consumer Preferences

When it comes to Xfinity TV packages, three main packages are based on the consumer’s preference. The choice package is for light TV watchers who don’t watch TV a lot but like having it at home to sometimes watch it. The package has 10+ channels and is light on the pocket. The Popular package has 125+ channels for families or people who normally watch TV with their family. 

The package is affordable and has most of the main popular channels that people like watching. The Ultimate package has 200+ channels for people who love watching TV and streaming popular channels as well live shows, the package is also best for sports lovers who always want updates on their favorite games. It also allows sports lovers to get in time updates and scores of their favorite games. 

Advanced Xfinity X1 TV Box

The advanced entertainment operating system makes the process simpler, fast, and is the easiest way to access your entertainment options. It comes with live TV, sports, on-demand streaming, music, and much more. The process is made easier and the TV box has a personalized list of TV shows, movies, and content based on the consumer’s searches and watch history. 


Apart from the personalized content, and advanced searches, Xfinity TV allows you to get live updates and game scores through the TV app wherever, and whenever you want. With Xfinity’s free Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide, it is also easiest to connect to a nearby secure Xfinity Wi-Fi network to get updates and check your favorite game’s scores on the go. 

DVR Recordings

With Xfinity TV, you can record your favorite TV shows to watch later, as it allows you to record up to 6-7 shows at a time, and the cloud has a capacity to record up to 150 hours of programming. From your child’s favorite TV show, to live games you can record anything you want to watch later in HD. 

Kids Zone

Something that makes Xfinity the best family-friendly service is that it allows you parental controls on the content your kids watch, and also has a complete section called Kids Zone for children up to the age of 12. The Kids Zone has a lot of age-appropriate content for your kids where they can choose from different genres and content to watch. This creates a safe space for your kids and prevents them from watching inappropriate content. 

Sports Zone 

The Sports Zone in Xfinity is similar to the Kids Zone where there is a whole different section for content that is solely dedicated to sports lovers. If you are a sports lover, you get all your favorite sports shows, games, live shows, live updates, and game notifications in one place. The Sports zone notifies you about your favorite games and TV shows beforehand, and the app allows you to access the Sports zone on any of your devices, which is best if you want to stream your favorite game on the go. 

Voice Remote

One more thing that is best about Xfinity’s service is its award-winning voice remote that allows you to control your home’s system such as TV, internet or your children’s devices through voice technology. The advanced technology even allows you to operate and control the system even when you are out of home. 

Add-On Channels 

Apart from all the above basic perks, Xfinity gives its users an option to add on premium, international, as well as sports channels. So, if you are someone interested in world affairs, you can add international channels to your basic TV package, or even just get specific channels separately. It allows you to customize and get only those channels that you want to watch. Similarly, if you are a sports lover, you can add more sports channels to your channel line-up. 

Free Peacock Premium 

Xfinity TV also comes with free Peacock premium where you can stream your favorite popular TV shows, movies, documentaries, sports shows, and a lot more. So, along with the multiple TV options, you also get a streaming service that you can access on any of your devices. 

Final Words

So, if you are looking for a good TV service that is affordable, easy to use, can be bundled, and creates great value for money Xfinity is the right service for you. Xfinity is the largest internet, TV, phone, and home security service provider in the US. It not only provides you a basic service but the packages and features are advanced enough to ensure you maximum efficiency.